What is Outside Church?

A community of believers, doing faith-based events together outside.

Welcome to Outside Church

Does the phrase “outside church” mean having church outside or does it mean having faith-based events and activities outside of church? Yes.

Outside Church was established to build a community of believers. This site is a tool to provide live, in-person opportunities for believers to share and benefit from fellowship, service and recreation together. It’s is not an offshoot of Facebook or meant to be an online social network for Christians (Christians as in believers in Christ, but you’re certainly welcome if your actual name is Christian too).

This is deeper. What’s online here serves only to get real people sharing life physically together in real relationships. You can “friend” us or “like” us on social networks, but what we really want is to have you come be with us!

This site is a place where groups of believers in any city nationwide or even worldwide can schedule events to meet in person and build each other up in faith.

These events can include outreach, power evangelism, even home churches, and more. One of the biggest things that is missing in the inside church is the element of “playing together”. So there is also a huge need for believers to get together doing fun things like camping, going to the beach, boating, hiking, etc., where what unifies us – the Holy Spirit – is kept at the front of our attention.

Within a community of believers we can include God in our thoughts and discussions and not miss an opportunity to affect others with the love of God. In a community of believers we can have a Kingdom life, where we act and speak like children of the King!

This site also has a discussion feature. These discussions can be used to introduce each other, talk about issues and ideas that other believers are talking about, start a conversation to be continued at an event, continue a conversation that started at an event, or facilitate the planning of events among local groups.

Is Ouside Church For You?

Regardless of your current level of participation with a local congregation inside a church building, we invite you join us outside.

All Are Welcome To Participate

If you do NOT have a “church home” to connect with other believers locally, then you’re welcome to participate with Outside Church. If you DO have a “church home”, then you’re welcome to participate with Outside Church. Regardless of your current level of participation with a local congregation inside a church building, we invite you join us outside.

Here you will have opportunities to participate in faith-building events and activities that are not sponsored by your church, and network in person with other believers.

Maybe you can relate to one of the following:

Active Church Member: “I go to church, and have been trained for ministry, but there’s little opportunity to be a minister inside my church, so I am looking for ways I can serve and minister the way the Bible tells us to.”

. . . or

In a season of BEING the Church: “I am ready to answer the call and do what God has called me to do, but I haven’t been allowed to use my gifts and passions in a local church. I am looking for like-minded believers to serve and fellowship with–the way it was done in the Bible!”

. . . or how about this one:

Un-churched: “I heard the gospel, and I believe, but I just don’t feel comfortable going into a church. Is there anyone out there who can teach me how to be like Christ, and be a disciple like the ones I read about in the book of Acts?”

Which ever camp you are in, welcome. The goal here is that believers can get plugged in not only online, but out in the community, where deeper relationships lead to a more exciting, vibrant Christian life–one where your “yoke is easy, and your burden is light!”

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