Welcome to the new website for Outside Church

Welcome to the new website for Outside Church

Outside Church was created as a tool so that believers in Christ can come together in live, in-person events in their local communities. It is a project of Reclaimed.us, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Here are some of the main features of this site:

Events: Find nearby events where you can join other believers in ministry, recreation and service.

Discussion: This bulletin board allows users to introduce themselves and it’s where facilitators for local groups can plan activities, continue a discussion started at an event or start a discussion which will be continued at an event.

Shop: If you’re a fan of Outside Church or need some custom apparel to wear to activities you’ll find it here.

Join Us: Register as a user for the site to gain full, free access. This will allow you to RSVP for events, participate in the forum or purchase from the store.

Become A Facilitator: If your city is missing an Outside Church group, then you can create one! Start by filling out this form.


Author: OCAdmin